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Start a White Ribbon Status Campaign

White Ribbon Status Campaigns

White Ribbon Scotland is committed to supporting Status Projects involving local areas, towns, organisations, education establishments, sports clubs, neighbourhoods and other entities building support for the campaign through the creation of their own local campaign which will be recognised on our website.

You can apply to start a White Ribbon Status project by completing the form in this section.  We will then contact you to discuss the project and provide you with a copy of our White Ribbon Status Toolkit, which provides more detail.  

The essence of the project:

STEP ONE:       Consider the necessary requisites of gaining White Ribbon Status and decide if this is right for your area.

STEP TWO:      Obtain the support of your Executive (or equivalent body) for commencement of a project to gain White Ribbon Status.

STEP THREE:    Contact White Ribbon Scotland to discuss your proposal.

STEP FOUR:     Once your proposal is agreed, form a Steering Group and develop an Action Plan to include training Speakers, collecting pledges and more.

STEP FIVE:       Implement the Action Plan, developing WRS events across your community which will build towards qualification for the award of White Ribbon Status.

STEP SIX:         Receive the award of White Ribbon Status for your community; a tangible award to recognise the work completed and the legacy to follow.


Start a WR Status Campaign

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