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And It’s “Goodbye” From Callum…

Dear former colleagues, friends and supporters,

After almost 7 years as the Campaign Coordinator of White Ribbon Scotland, I am moving on to pastures new. As I write this I am still wrestling with feelings of regret for leaving the post which I was immensely privileged to have held for such a long time…it is a role within a movement which is close to my heart and will always remain so. Believe me when I say that I will always remain an active supporter of the movement to engage men and boys in tackling VAW, and that unfortunately, this may not be the last you have heard from me!
However in an official capacity it feels like time for a change and I wish WRS all the best in future as they undoubtedly move onwards and upwards under the stewardship of the Board Of Trustees and staff member Davy Thompson, currently acting as sole representative of WRS at operational level. Having previously been in Davy’s situation I know it is a difficult task yet I am absolutely confident that Davy will deliver on all responsibilities, most likely in a manner which puts my own efforts to shame.
I have seen great progression across the VAW movement in my time during, and prior to, my employment with White Ribbon Scotland. I look forward to this continuing as the Cooercive Control Bill comes into effect, the Equally Safe working groups implement the action plan and performance framework which will guide progress and success for the coming years, and the many national and local initiatives underway make the impacts which they have set out to achieve.
Personally I wish to thank all those who have worked with WRS and myself to ensure engaging non-perpetrating men as a crucial agent in tackling VAW has become engrained in our national strategy to prevent VAW in all its forms. From public events such as conferences and seminars to local events in schools, universities/colleges and a vast range of community settings we have seen an exponential increase in the number of people, especially men and boys, who have joined us in campaigning for the change in attitudes we need to see long-term behavioural change.
The list of individuals who worked with me is too long for me to relate now; I just hope you know who you all are and that I truly feel indebted for your support and hard work to raise the profile of WRS and all that it stands for. Special thanks go out to our trained Speakers who continue to go above and beyond in their volunteer capacity to engage prospective supporters of the campaign who we would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet with. Davy Thompson will continue to support the current network of Speakers to best make their voices heard; please do keep in contact with the Speaker Network through Davy or directly with the Speakers you know locally to avoid their collective enthusiasm to affect change becoming a missed opportunity.
All the best to all of those who supported WRS in my time with the organisation; I learnt something from each and every one of you and good luck in carrying on the work to achieve the vision of a society in which gender equality is normalised rather than aspirational.
P.S. If you have not yet done so, please pledge your support to the campaign at 

Most men do not commit violence against women. But all men have a role in ending it. If we all start by making a pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about men's violence against women in all its forms, that will make a huge difference. 

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